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I am Soullfire, a canadian cosplayer who loves making and wearing cosplay of my favourite video game characters. My first foray into the world of coplaying came in 2015 when I threw together what was more or less a closet cosplay of Katarina from League of Legends, my favourite champion at the time. While that cosplay was in no way impressive, it sparked my creative desire to make better costumes every time. Since then I've iterated on that classic Katarina cosplay a few times, adding parts that I didn't make previously and even re-making all of the armor peices. The most recent version of my Katarina cosplay is the one you see on my website today. I'm always trying to learn new techniques and push the limits of my skill set to create the most amazing cosplays I possibly can.

Since I began making cosplay it has always been my intention to document the creation process to the best of my abilities though I often find myself making entire pieces before realizing I haven't taken any photos yet. Here on my website you'll find the documentation of my creation process, complete with lists of materials and tools so any other aspiring cosplayers might follow in my footsteps. All of the pictures of my creation process are available as well as photographs of the completed cosplays or cosplay accesories in the cases where I did not make a full costume.

Hopefully you enjoy what I've put together and look forward to seeing more of my content. You can find all of my social media links to the right if you'd like to give me a follow or keep on top of my goings on.


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