Programming Languages used: None
Project Domain: Game Design

View the EnchantmentChase site here!

EnchantmentChase is an alternative Magic: The Gathering format intended for casual, multiplayer play. The format operates similarily to the official Planechase format in which players traverse various planes which all have a unique impact on the game. EnchantmentChase makes use of global enchantments, that is, non-aura, non-curse enchantments instead of plane cards as in the Planechase format. Due to the fact that there are thousands of enchantment cards compared only a handfull of plane cards, the level of variance within and between games of EnchantmentChase is quite high. EnchantmentChase also makes use of multiple enchantments simultaneously which can create extremely interesting, unique, and fun interactions. To find out more about EnchantmentChase including a complete list of playable enchantment cards and associated errata you can check out the EnchantmentChase site with the link above.

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