Isle of Dreams

Programming Languages used: Max/MSP 6
Project Domain: Game Design

Isle of Dreams is a surrealistic 2-D platformer that takes place on an island in the player characters dream world.

The player finds themsleves alone on a beautiful beach with the sounds of the ocean behind them and only one direction to go, they have no choice but to discover what the Isle of Dreams has in store for them.

The game builds upon recurring nightmares that are highly prevalant throughout the human population. Many people have nightmares about things they fear, be it natural disasters, technology, or the fear of failure. Isle of Dreams captures these elements and many more to create a captivating adventure through the surreal manifestation of the human condition that will lead to an unexpected realization of humanities mutual fears. The game uses elegant brushstroke graphics to create a masterpeice of visual storytelling with which to convey the fears which haunt our nightmares. Underscored by a simple yet alluring musical score, various ambient sounds and sound effects encompassed by eerie moments of silence complete an atmosphere which will have you completely immersed in this fantasy world of nightmares.

Isle of Dreams was created as a collaborative project where my focus was on level design, including the creation and programming of the level and obstacles.

Screenshots from the game:

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