Endless Twitch TV

Programming Languages used: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Project Domain: Web Applications

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Endless Twitch TV was designed to provide twitch.tv users with the ability to automate stream switching by compiling a list of their followed streams and allowing to order them however they wish. The resulting list functions as a priority queue of sorts, always displaying the online stream that is the closest to the top of the list. By default the stream will always switch to a higher priority stream than the current stream if one comes online. As some users may prefer to wait until the current stream goes offline to find a new stream, a second mode of operation was implemented to allow for that behaviour. Endless Twitch TV is best viewed by putting the web browser into fullscreen mode, this will allow the video to occupy the entire screen while still allowing access to the settings pane.

Endless Twitch TV also offers many other features designed to enhance the Twitch viewing experience including:

  • Picture in Picture (PiP) - Which allows the user to watch a second stream in a much smaller, muted video window on top of the primary stream.
  • Channel info - Can be viewed for any stream on the list by simply hovering over it. Additional info for the current stream can be viewed under the chat pane.
  • Manual stream selection - If you don't want the website to pick the stream for you, you can change it yourself.
  • Twitch chat pane - Implemented as a tab in the settings pane, the Twitch chat for the current channel can be popped out from the right side of the screen.
  • Chat Squish - Optional feature that allows the stream video player to squish down so that the Twitch chat pane doesn't cover any of the video.
  • Notifications - With auto switch disabled you'll be notified whenever a higher priority stream comes online. You'll also have the option to switch the stream with a single click.
  • Vodcast support - Defaults to live streams over vodcasts.

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